Review: Elegant Themes Premium WordPress Themes

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5/5  Value: 5/5  Quality of Work: 5/5

Coles notes: Elegant Themes introduces you to dozens of extremely high quality, well built, and easy to use premium WordPress themes for a low yearly price of $39 USD.  All of the themes are jam packed with features that add tons of value. Highly recommended.

Choosing a theme for your WordPress website can be a daunting task. Not only are there literally tens of thousands of free themes available, but there are also the hundreds of premium themes that are available for a small fee.  It can be a long, hard search before the right theme is found!

Elegant Themes has done an excellent job taking a slightly different spin on the WordPress theme situation.  Instead of charging $50 (or more) per premium theme, which appears to be the market average, they charge $39/yr for unlimited access to their continually growing and evolving portfolio.

Where many membership based websites fail to deliver the quality they promise, Elegant Themes truly shines above the rest.  Keep reading to learn more.

What You Can Expect from Elegant Themes

It’s all in the name: Elegant Themes!  Their WordPress themes are well built, easily optimized for display in search, and are loaded with great features.  Their support is top-notch as well, and their growing community is always willing to lend a hand.

All of those wonderful qualities are a moot point of the themes themselves are second-rate, but what’s truly remarkable is that Elegant Themes manages to release fantastic looking themes every two weeks like clockwork!  They routinely ask their users what kind of themes they are looking for and then build them.  They have everything from traditional blog-style themes to e-commerce, review-style themes to corporate-focused themes. Brilliant!

As long as you remain an active member (ie- pay your yearly $39 fee) you have unlimited access to the themes and are able to power as many sites as you want with them.  For an enterprising web marketer, or just someone who likes to build websites, this represents extraordinary value!  The fact that all of the themes themselves are gorgeous is simply icing in the cake.

Interesting Add-Ons Offered by Elegant Themes

All of Elegant Theme’s WordPress themes come with enhancements that truly make them stand out from your typical theme.  The most notable of these enhancements are:

  • Elegant Themes’ ePanel - Manage the most common components of your theme using their proprietary ePanel.  From the ePanel you can manage layout settings, navigational menus, basic search engine optimization features,  and easily integrated and third-party scripts (such as Google Analytics) that you want to run.
  • Elegant Themes’ Shortcodes – After playing around with shortcodes for a while it’s hard to imagine how we ever developed with WordPress without them!  Shortcodes allow you to easily integrate stylized buttons, content boxes (eye catching ones at that!), tabbed content, social media, password protected content, slideshows… the list goes on.  Shortcodes alone are worth the subscription price!
  • Multiple Languages - Not everyone exists in an English-laden world.  Elegant Themes’ WordPress themes are all localized, making it easy for them to be translated into any language you need in the event that you need a language they aren’t already pre-translated for (English, German, and Russian).

To Conclude our Elegant Themes Review

For $39 USD you get access to some of the best looking WordPress themes on the internet.  They are functional, easily modified to suit your specific needs, and look great.  If you’re looking at a theme for a WordPress site you would be doing yourself a significant disservice by neglecting to consider Elegant Themes.

Click here to visit Elegant Themes
5/5  Value: 5/5  Quality of Work: 5/5