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The Incredibly Obvious but Often Forgotten Rules for Writing Brutally Effective Headlines

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About a year ago I took some time off projects, this site included, to focus on a couple of businesses that I was intent on growing from infancy to maturity. One of them is a local cleaning company, Neatfreak, and the other is a small business web development company ( […]

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Home Businesses and Directory Websites

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In Canada, directory websites such as,,, and others are extremely popular destinations for Canadian web surfers.  In fact, boasts over 12 million unique visitors per month to its network of websites (and it’s mobile application has over 3,500,000 downloads as of the time of this writing). […]

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Why I Will Never Run a Groupon Promotion Again

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One of my long-time clients approached me regarding running a large Groupon promotion.  This client had used Groupon and related websites (LivingSocial, Kijiji Deals, etc.) before with success so I thought nothing of it.  After reviewing their deal, which seemed quite generous (but not unreasonable from a profit point of […]

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The Basics of Writing for the Web

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We live in a world where people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. This means you have less time to get their attention, and what little time you do have had better be filled with something impactful. Welcome to the Googleification of society, where we would sooner leave the […]

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Quality: The New SEO Buzzword

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. . . New to SEO?  Read our great introduction post!  Search Engine Optimization: An Introduction. When Google hit the web with its Panda update many webmasters cried foul.  While it’s no secret that I’m not exactly a huge fan of Google’s somewhat deceptive and aggressive business practices, I can’t […]

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Mating User Intent to Effective Keyword Research

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User intent. You’ve probably read that phrase more than once on (such as in our “Future of SEO” article), but if you are like a lot of business owners today, you are probably somewhat confused as to what that means.  Don’t be. User intent is exactly as it sounds: […]

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Five Steps to Make Your Online Start-Up Successful

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Starting an online business is one of the easiest things in the world. You don’t need any capital, any planning, any business knowledge, not even a product or service. All you need is to start a blog (on whatever topic you want), post some articles and voila, you’re going to […]

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The Future of SEO: Is there one?

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Search engine optimization is an interesting industry. It’s a relatively new industry (less than 20 years old) and is something that is constantly evolving. In fact, it’s evolving at a rate that far out paces the ability of most business owners to adapt.  If you think about it in that […]

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Interesting Yellow Pages Video…

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Yellow Pages Group, Canada’s dominant print and online directory, has spent the last 18 months really reinventing themselves. A prime example of this is their recent “360 solutions” campaign, where they are now offering Print,, SEM/SEO, and video marketing solutions to their clients. Check the video out below- pretty […]

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Search Engine Optimization: An Introduction

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This article is lengthy, but after reading it you will be better prepared to make informed online marketing decisions.  If you have questions that aren’t addressed in this article, please contact us. It’s called “search engine optimization”, and no doubt it’s a phrase you’ve heard once or thrice over the […]

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